Inspiring Australians to take an active role in their health & wellbeing

Tonic Media Network is Australia’s largest health & wellbeing media network, created by Health Professionals in collaboration with Out of Home (OOH) Media Specialists.

Our place-based media is positioned in trusted, contextually relevant environments where health and lifestyle decisions are made.

Our compelling content engages a captive audience and provides advertisers and sponsors with an opportunity to promote products, services and targeted information to a demographic that is fragmented and difficult to reach.

We connect to more people in the health & wellbeing market than any other media.


70% female

40% have young families

36% expecting mothers

50% over 55 years

50% exercise regulary

50% trying to lose weight

71% main grocery buyers

39% high net worth

44% interested in health foods


tonic health TV

Broadcasting Tonic on Demand, the largest national digital out of home health channel, featuring engaging health, wellbeing &  lifestyle content.

tonic brochures

Providing take-home information, in the form of flyers and brochures.

Tonic digital panels

Displaying static slideshows of posters, sponsored content and GP-approved health information.


We capture their attention for up to 1 hour

71% watched a Tonic on Demand or picked up a brochure

22% asked their GP about content they had seen on screen

32% browse Pharmacy products in close proximity to the Digital Panels

55% of GP visits result in a FMCG purchase

76% buy a script with an additional retail purchase

$30 is their average spend in the Pharmacy

“Tonic Media Network helped deliver a highly effective breast cancer screening campaign for the Australian Government. It targeted women in a trusted, engaging environment using digital TV, brochures and posters (as a component of a broader campaign). We continue to use Tonic to access audiences in a contextually relevant environment, they are nimble, effective and highly customer focused.”

Peter Murphy

Group Account Director, Dentsu Mitchell

“Woolworths used Tonic Media Network to successfully reach women on the move going about their business running errands, dropping off kids to school, visiting their GP and buying groceries. The Tonic team were extremely accommodating, pro-active, and flexible, ensuring we met our clients needs and delivered on campaign objectives.”

Philipa Moig

Planning Director, Carat

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