Tonic acquire Torch Media’s digital pharmacy network

Tonic acquire Torch Media’s digital pharmacy network

We are thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of TorchMedia Pharmacy Network.

Tonic TVs, Digital Panels & Brochures Boards are now featured in 4500+ GP practice, Hospital and Pharmacy waiting areas across the country, with an audience of over 14 million per month.

Thank you to the Gold Cross and Pharmacy Guild of Australia for their support. We look forward to working with you and your Pharmacists to provide the best in-pharmacy service for their patients and customers.

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Tonic’s Top Wellness Tips for Busy Media Executives

Tonic’s Top Wellness Tips for Busy Media Executives

Agencies are notorious for long hours and tight deadlines and can easily become high-stress environments. In 2016, the Tonic team ran a health initiative across 20 media agencies nationwide, which we called Psych Up.  The lunch and learn sessions were free for media agencies and focused on educating staff about stress, mindfulness and resilience.

Matthew Johnstone is a friend and Ambassador of Tonic Health Media and our expert on managing stress. He’s taught the Tonic team a lot about being mindful and how to ensure a good work-life balance.

Here are a few wellness habits we’ve adopted at Tonic to keep agency stress at bay.

Download a mindfulness app

Mindfulness apps are a great way to get into the swing of the day, refocus during a particularly busy period or switch off after work. Some of our favourite apps are Headspace, Insight Timer and The Mindfulness App which offer a mix of guided meditations and relaxing music.

Check in with your breathing

If you find your breathing is often shallow and frequent, take a moment to focus on 3-5 deep breaths. Doing this will send a message to your brain that it’s ok to relax and rebalance whatever pressures you might be feeling.

Have lunch away from your desk

Lock the lunch time hour into your diary and use this break to focus on eating mindfully and breathing in some fresh air. This act of self-care will increase your afternoon productivity.

Take advantage of any wellness programs on offer

Tonic Health Media offers wellbeing programs and initiatives to agency staff for free, so make sure you check out the seasonal Bootcamp training and lunch & learn sessions, which are all part of our Tonic Healthy Living series >>

For more info on our Tonic Ambassador, speaker, author and resilience expert Matthew Johnstone, visit his website here >>

*Image by Matthew Johnstone

Launching our new brand positioning and channel content

Launching our new brand positioning and channel content

Posted by Zoe Samios, Mumbrella

Australian health media network has unveiled its new branding, products and positioning, in an attempt to improve health outcomes for Australians.

As part of the new brand launch, Tonic Health Media has upgraded its television screens, channel content and brochure board assets across Australian hospital and doctors’ waitings areas.

Tonic Health Media has also created 30 hours of health and wellness video content for its Tonic On Demand channel which aims to meet modern consumer behaviour and offer new opportunities for advertisers.

Matthew Cullen, CEO at Health Media, said the rebrand was the first of several strategic announcements for the brand.

“We believe our assets empower consumers with useful information about their health and wellbeing, and these updates to our media network will further enhance the effectiveness and impact of the information we deliver to patients”, Cullen said.

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Expanding our Melbourne team – Sam Matheson, Commercial Manager

Expanding our Melbourne team – Sam Matheson, Commercial Manager

Posted by B&T MAGAZINE

Australia’s largest place-based health and wellness network, Tonic Health Media announced an expansion of its Melbourne operations, hiring Sam Matheson as commercial manager.

As commercial manager, Matheson will head up Tonic’s agency relations in Victoria, working with agency partners and key decision makers to deliver campaigns across Tonic’s leading network of health focused media inventory.

Matheson joins Tonic from a group sales manager role with Executive Channel. Prior to that he rose through numerous planning, buying and trading roles within Universal McCann. With an outstanding industry reputation for client relations and strategic campaign planning, Matheson’s appointment further bolsters Tonic’s account management team heading into 2017.

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How to combat stress in an agency job

How to combat stress in an agency job

Opinion Piece by Managing Director, Dr Matthew Cullen

Agency careers have always walked a line between glamour and grind. Long hours and tight deadlines are a package deal with the added fun and adrenaline of working in media. When stress and pressure begins to outweigh the reward you take from your job however, it’s important to understand that what you feel is normal. Feeling tense or overwhelmed are often symptoms or the result of short-term pressures. With this in mind, having the tools to combat stress in a smart way should be part of every agency staffer’s toolbox.

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Health & Fitness Is Booming, So Why Doesn’t Ad-land Get It?

Health & Fitness Is Booming, So Why Doesn’t Ad-land Get It?

Opinion Piece by Commercial Director, Jack Mortlock

It’s fair to say we’re living bigger lifestyles than ever before. The ‘lifestyle category’ takes in more activities now than it ever has. Travel is one example. Health and fitness is another. What not so long ago were relatively niche pursuits have become prominent features of the mainstream lifestyle. It’s time the media industry’s approach to channels caught up. If our lifestyles are becoming more unlimited and diverse, why don’t channel strategies more often reflect that?

Place-based media channels, like airports, gyms and doctors waiting rooms are great examples of media channels that are increasingly finding a new role as our modern lifestyle expands. Pigeonholing an audience based solely on their location is, in my opinion, a short-sighted view of how modern people live their lives. Just because you’re in an airport, doesn’t mean you spend all your time flying about shopping for cars and watches. And just because you’re sick and sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, it doesn’t mean you stop being a normal person.

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Tonic Health Media Appoints Network & Content Director Rohan Thomas

Tonic Health Media Appoints Network & Content Director Rohan Thomas

Thomas’ core responsibilities will be running the Tonic On Demand Out-of-Home Digital TV Network with 1,100 screens in medical practice waiting areas around the country.

Tasked with managing studio activities, including creative and production, Thomas will play a key role in defining the ‘look and feel’ of Tonic’s Digital TV offering and continuing to cement its dominance in place-based health media.

Thomas joins Tonic with considerable experience in brand marketing and media consultancy roles and over a decade of television and digital media production with Altervision.

Tonic Health Media executive director and co-founder Dr Norman Swan said, “With our recent acquisition and absorption of the INFO-MED brand, the hiring of two new commercial managers, and freshly inked content sharing agreements with fellow leading health advice providers, Tonic Health Media has enjoyed a great 12 months.

“We’re delighted to welcome a multimedia professional of Rohan’s calibre to the Tonic team and we look forward to his contribution to further defining Tonic Health TV’s voice as a trusted leader in the health and wellbeing sector in Australia.”

Thomas added, “Tonic has quickly established itself as a leading digital media business delivering engaging, informative and highly relevant content to audiences within a trusted health and wellbeing environment.

“I’m looking forward to getting hands-on with one of the most vibrant media brands in the health media space.”

SOURCE: B&T Magazine

Tonic Health Media with Matthew Johnstone To Raise Awareness Of Stress In Media

Tonic Health Media with Matthew Johnstone To Raise Awareness Of Stress In Media


Psych Up co-host, Matthew, is an international speaker, author and creative consultant to clients such as The Black Dog Institute, The Golden Door Elysia, Geelong Grammar amongst other major corporates.

Johnstone says he’s delighted to be co-hosting the sessions and looks forward to providing practical advice to young media professionals.

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Tonic Health Media Expands with Exciting New Video Content Partnerships

Tonic Health Media Expands with Exciting New Video Content Partnerships

The new deal will add video segments from ‘Better Health Channel’, ‘Raising Children Network’ and ‘Health&’ syndicated across Tonic’s network of 1,100 TV screens in doctors’ waiting rooms around the country.

With over 600 additional content pieces set to hit Tonic’s screens in the coming months, the content complements Tonic’s current mix of health & wellbeing focussed programming.

Tonic Health TV is an Australian-owned and produced health and wellness channel co-founded by Dr Norman Swan, Australia’s leading health journalist with a broadcast career spanning 30 years. Dr Swan said:

The new content will further help the millions of patients and carers watching our channel to increase their health knowledge and make the interaction with their GP more productive for them and their doctor. We are pleased to be working with industry partners to provide added content which will complement our current mix of programs and assist practices to educate and entertain patients while they wait”.

Health& Chief Medical Officer Piraveen Pirakalathanan says the partnership with Tonic provides an ideal platform for Health&’s RACGP-supported video content: “We’ve worked hard to produce evidence-based health videos that help improve patients’ health literacy in the primary care setting. Aligning our brand with Tonic is a great opportunity to introduce that content to a wider audience and reach patients when they’re most attentive to their health and lifestyle needs.

Simon Blankenstein – head of digital marketing and communications at the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria added; This partnership will help Australians access high quality, clinically approved health information at point of care. As the health information space continues to grow in complexity, delivering reliable information and resources at the right time and in the right settings is critical to individual active health management and better population health outcomes.

Tonic Health Media produces and distributes evidence based health content to consumers through its Brochure Board and Health TV network in over 3,500 medical waiting rooms around Australia.

Better Health Channel is Australia’s leading consumer health and medical information website, providing health consumers with trusted, reliable and easy to understand information, quality assured by the Department of Health & Human Services Victoria.

Health& is an RACGP supported platform specialising in animated health and illness awareness videos. offers free parenting videos, apps and articles backed by Australian experts.


Tonic Health Media Expands With Two New Commercial Managers

Tonic Health Media Expands With Two New Commercial Managers

The announcement:

Australia’s largest place-based health media network, Tonic Health Media, today announced a fresh team expansion, hiring Dean Flanagan and Ben Kirkby as Commercial Managers.

Working across agency relations in the NSW market, Flanagan and Kirkby form an essential part of Tonic’s presence in market, and will be helping to further establish the business as the national leader in health media.

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