Tonic Healthy Living includes fitness and education initiatives, aimed at media agencies to support the industry with their physical and mental wellbeing.

Tonic Bootcamp

The Tonic team hold an exclusive 6 week morning Bootcamp series throughout Autumn and Spring. Work up a sweat with over 50+ people from 18 different agencies across Sydney & Melbourne.

The 45 minute morning sessions include a F45 style cardio, weight training, boxing, high-rep weights and ropes, followed by a cool down and stretch.


Psych Up: Mental Health Awareness

Balance is what we strive for right?! But in the fast-paced media world, where you’re working hard & playing hard, sometimes stress can be tough to manage. In our Psych Up sessions are hosted by Matthew Johnstone, former Creative Director, mental health advocate, author and speaker. Matthew shares his experience with managing stress, resilience, mindfulness and how to avoid agency burnout. During our lunch time sessions, Agencies receive delicious organic food, provided by O Organics.

Chew Up: Healthy Nutrition

Is a low carb diet the way to go? Are gluten free foods actually better for us? Is skim milk better than full cream milk? What is the best dietary pattern for weight loss and lasting good health?

Dr Swan provides the answers to the questions everyone wants to know about healthy (and not so healthy) eating habits!

During our lunch time sessions, Agencies receive delicious organic food, provided by O Organics.

Join Tonic Healthy Living community

If you’re interested hosting a healthy living initiative at your agency, email the Tonic team to register your interest and join our private community Facebook community.

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We love what Tonic Media are doing with their Healthy Living Series. These guys are really inspiring us Agency people to live a healthier lifestyle and the training we are getting is just fantastic. They are truly delivering what they preach through their media channels, education and inspiration to live a better life. Thanks Tonic team!

Simon Grace

Senior Partnership Director, Universal Mccann