We influence more people in the health market than any other media

Health centre waiting areas are effective environments to engage with a health conscious consumer at point of care and point of sale.

Tonic Health Media’s multi-channel network of Health TV, Brochure Boards and Digital Panels offer several points of contact to leverage your brand, product or community message.

Our broadcast quality programming, is overseen by Australia’s most respected health broadcaster Dr Norman Swan, and is designed to improve health literacy for all Australians.

(and why we’re better)


We connect with audiences in urban, regional and rural areas everyday across the country.

full sight & sound

We deliver high definition, broadcast quality programs for our network and beyond. All our content is subtitled to offer full sight and sound.


We align your message and campaign to content that attracts the right audience,
at the right time.

trusted environment

Our audience is engaged in a contextually relevant environment for up to 1 hour, where they are making decisions about their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.


We offer transparent reporting on exact number of plays, audience exposure and evidence of activation.

value for money

We offer a large return on investment due to our unique positioning and targeting, with accurate measurable results.



We use your own TVC campaigns, or can offer our in-house production services to create and deliver broadcast quality content that translates on every form of media.


Direct email marketing and sample deliveries by our 47 field team members, ensures GPs and Pharmacies are aware of your campaign and fully equipped to have meaningful conversations with patients.


Your online content can also be distributed through our health partner websites and social media to retarget consumers and reach an even larger audience.

Talk to us today about how we can help your brand and community message reach 16 million+ people per month.

“Dyson was looking to connect directly with discerning consumers seeking quality products. The team at Tonic provided premium advertising production and highly effective media placement using their national digital TV network.”

Damien Viviani

Account Director – Mindshare

“Thank you for the incredible work you put into developing the patient educational video. We are thrilled with the quality of the production which demonstrated what we do very accurately in a friendly manner.  The CPMCC Facebook page has reached over 3000 hits from the public after viewing the Radiation Therapy video.”

Dr Verity Adhern

The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre, Westmead