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How to combat stress in an agency job

Agency careers have always walked a line between glamour and grind. Long hours and tight deadlines are a package deal with the added fun and adrenaline of working in media. When stress and pressure begins to outweigh the reward you take from your job however, it’s important to understand that what you feel is normal.

Health & Fitness Is Booming, So Why Doesn’t Ad-land Get It?

It’s fair to say we’re living bigger lifestyles than ever before. The ‘lifestyle category’ takes in more activities now than it ever has. Travel is one example. Health and fitness is another. What not so long ago were relatively niche pursuits have become prominent features of the mainstream lifestyle. It’s time the media industry’s approach to channels caught up. If our lifestyles are becoming more unlimited and diverse, why don’t channel strategies more often reflect that?

Tonic Health Media Appoints Network & Content Director Rohan Thomas

Thomas’ core responsibilities will be running the Tonic On Demand Out-of-Home Digital TV Network with 1,100 screens in medical practice waiting areas around the country. Tasked with managing studio activities, including creative and production, Thomas will play a key...

Tonic Health Media Expands with Exciting New Video Content Partnerships

The new deal will add video segments from ‘Better Health Channel’, ‘Raising Children Network’ and ‘Health&’ syndicated across Tonic’s network of 1,100 TV screens in doctors’ waiting rooms around the country. With over 600 additional content pieces set to hit...

Tonic Health Media Expands With Two New Commercial Managers

The announcement: Australia’s largest place-based health media network, Tonic Health Media, today announced a fresh team expansion, hiring Dean Flanagan and Ben Kirkby as Commercial Managers. Working across agency relations in the NSW market, Flanagan and Kirkby form...

How to recognise and prevent agency burn-out

Burn-out is a catch-all phrase for people who are tired, chronically stressed, have lost interest in their work and can’t find motivation. It’s a messy combination of symptoms where chronic stress gets conflated with depression, anxiety and tobacco, alcohol and other...